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Automated Reimbursements

Access to claims data from most of the major health plans to allow automated HSA, FSA, and HRA reimbursement and electronic claim substantiation. Direct contracts with insurance companies are not required.

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Seamless Mobile & Web Integration

Both mobile and web products can be embedded seamlessly into existing systems of benefit administrators, providers or financial institutions.

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HIPAA Certified

In June 2014, HealthExpense achieved compliance with HIPAA and HITECH obligations, reinforcing our position as the secure cloud platform for healthcare data and payment automation.
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“Sterling values easy access to data that enables consumers to make informed decisions about healthcare expenses” Selected by SterlingHSA

“Terrance Insurance endorses this product for what it can do now for our clients, but also for its progressive vision for the future” Terrance Endorsement

“Benefit administrators get fewer employee questions and complaints” Health 2.0