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Secure, digital payments.

Members can finally pay every bill from the same place, and our bank-level security protocols ensures every transaction is fast, safe and secure.

Custom branding.

Get all of the credit for HealthExpense by delivering a custom experience with every interaction and communication.

HealthExpense makes it easy to stand out.

Actionable data.

Unify fragmented data sources and discover insights you can put to work, immediately. Solve issues with reimbursements, payments or compliance as soon as they occur.

Built-in customer service.

HealthExpense’s administrator dashboard enables targeted, automated, intelligent member engagement, so you can help members solve any problem in a snap.

“HealthExpense is the reason that benefit administrators get fewer employee questions and complaints.”

Health 2.0

360+ insurance carriers

35 Enterprise Partners (Banks, Third Party Administrators and more)

8,000+ employers already on the platform

3M+ members under management (MuM)